Go with the color of your coat lingerie

Go with the color of your coat lingerie, like the white dress you’re wearing, and it’s impossible to wear colored underwear, right? It’s obvious, so you can wear lighter colors like white and yellow. If you’re wearing dark clothes that show off your chest, you can’t wear too bright underwear. Go with the clothes. There is a shoulder strap, divided into two, with a knot in the back of the neck. First of all, you need underwear that can be removed from the shoulder straps. Fasten the hooks in front of the straps to the holes in the front of the bra. Wear underwear, remove the two ropes from the front to the back neck tie is very complex, can be made easily, don’t have to learn to learn underwear color collocation also deep dark coat: to choose a similar color or the color of underwear: in many formal occasions, black, dark green

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